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UniCus Learning pioneers career and life transformation in the digitalvrealm. We provide advanced training in IBM Certified Data Science, Python, IBM Certified Predictive Analytics Modeler, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Full-stack web development, Amazon Web Services (AWS), DevOps, Microsoft Azure, Big Data Analytics, Digital Marketing, and a Career Launching program. Our courses empower students to demonstrate skills in the competitive job market, earning valuable credentials and certificates.

Our curriculum is the result of extensive collaboration with over 100 industry experts and a meticulous analysis of numerous job descriptions, ensuring alignment with real-world industry needs. One prevalent issue we identified is the tendency to overlook the crucial connection between Data Science and Business Problem-Solving. Many students often graduate without a profound understanding of how their skills align with corporate objectives. To address this gap, the 'Unicus Advantage' emphasizes a strong integration of real-world business challenges into our coursework. This approach ensures that students not only comprehend the technical intricacies but also gain a practical understanding of how to apply their skills to solve real business problems.




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"Learn, Explore & Experience"

Unicus Learning, recognized as Hyderabad's premier training institute by Times Of India, emphasizes hands-on experience, real-world challenges, and practical training. As an official "Training Partner with IBM," we focus on both algorithms and business case studies. Our approach includes regular hackathons, workshops, and meetups to enhance effectiveness. With a dedicated placement vertical, we empower trainees to navigate the business world, solve complexities, and support over 100 companies in finding skilled candidates for sustained growth.

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Transformative Learning Approach

Innomatics prioritizes a practical approach over theoretical methods, ensuring individuals are well-prepared to face industry challenges. Real-time applications are meticulously explained, fostering a dynamic learning environment that transforms careers.

Pinnacle of Training Excellence

Acknowledged as a premier training institute in Hyderabad, we've achieved this status through cutting-edge methodologies, spacious classrooms for hands-on practice, and a team of expert trainers. Our commitment to scaling new heights is reflected in the quality of our training programs.

Cutting-Edge Educational Programs

Innovation is deeply ingrained in our tradition, evident in our expansion across sectors. Introducing courses in Investment Banking, AWS, and Microsoft Azure, we aim to provide comprehensive education that aligns with evolving industry demands, expanding horizons for our learners.

Seamless Transition to Online Learning

Emphasizing the importance of upskilling in every facet of life, we embrace diverse learning modalities. Introducing online courses, we facilitate self-paced learning for the modern learner, maintaining our commitment to quality education while adapting to the evolving needs of our students.

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Gain Industry-Recognized IBM Certified Data Science Certificates

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